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Rosa's Precious Bichons

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Potential Breeders

For seasoned and potential breeders: We have added a new application to our website giving seasoned breeders and potential breeders the option to continue their services as a breeder or start their very own breeding service, without any restrictions. In order for us to provide you with this great opportunity you must read about and study the Bichon Frise. You will be giving a seires of questions on a quiz to answer about Bichons, breeding and the responsibilities of a breeder. This is an online exam and must complete and submit to "Bichon Puppy Love". This is a great opportunity for any Bichon Lover to start their own breeding service. You will have the opportunity to make someone else's home and heart more joyful.

To have a successful breeding service, you must be able to provide your clients with excellent customer service, be knowledgeable about the Bichon and keep your dogs/puppies in good health as well as groomed. You must also provide your clients with visitation of the puppies and meeting the parents of the puppies as well. You must register your dogs and new litters with the (AKC) or any other kennel that will give you registration papers/forms for your dogs and litters, and will help you promote your services.

Most of your clients will be looking for personal breeders who has registered animals and who can answer any questions about Bichons that they may have. If you cannot answer their questions, clients will back away and look for a more reputable breeder. Please learn all you can about Bichons and continue to read so that you will have the knowledge that will help your services grow. Your clients will love you for that and they will send other potential clients to you.

Writing your own contract or puppy agreement is very important. So that your clients will know what to expect from you as a breeder, you must put it in writing. Nothing will hold-up in a court of law without it being in writing.

Please, and I stress this with the utmost importance. If you have gone into a contract with a breeder and the contract clearly states that you cannot breed a dog that you have bought from them. Please DO NOT breed that animal. There are laws to follow and consequences that you will have to pay for breaching of a contract. Normally it's a big fine that is due to the breeder as well as his/her and your court fees, attorney's fee and other fees, which will add up in thousands of dollars.