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Rosa's Precious Bichons

Fun 4 Small Pups, LLC

Employment Opportunity

Doggy Daycare, Boarding, Grooming & Training Center

Ask yourself these questions before applying for any one of the positions.

Are you a Dog Lover?

Do you love working with dogs?

Do you love physical activities?

Can you be on your feet for a long period of time?

If no, neither one of these positions are for you.

If yes, then you should apply

Download Employment Application

Please provide resume with application

From time-to-time we're looking to hire new employees to join our team of professional Dog handlers, Trainers and Groomers. We are looking for dog lovers who love working with and being around dogs. This is an opportunity for you to be with other dog lovers as well as with our furry little friends.

Dog Handler

Being a dog handler is a rewarding job with a great responsibility; a responsibility that one must possess to handle dogs. But the responsibility doesn't stop there. Dog Handlers are required not only to handle dogs, they are required to understand a dog's behavior and be able to read the dog's body language. Being a dog handler is a physical job and keeps you on your feet at all times. In our facility dog handlers share the responsibilities of cleaning up after the dogs, keep the runs spotless and sanitized, feed, water and indulge in activities with the dogs, working the front-desk and securing the facility to make sure the pets are kept safe at all time.

Certified Dog Trainer

Certified Dog Trainers ONLY..... if you are not a certified dog trainer with credentials please do not apply for this position. Although, you may really be good at training your own dog and does an excellent job at doing so, this position is requiring for certification. Why? Because dog trainers understand the mind set of a dog, they can read a dog very well and know what techniques to use when training a dog and with all this in mind, they pass on the knowledge to the doggy parents to help them better understand and train their pet. 

Experienced Groomer

Are you an experienced Dog Groomer? An experience dog groomer is a plus to our business. He/she should know how to handle a dog while using a clipper and scissors. An experience dog groomer also should know what hair style to give to what breed. We are interested in a groomer that not only knows how to groom very well, but that has the patients to deal with the dogs. We want our furry little friends to endure less stress as possible while being groomed. This is very important and a major priority for "Fun 4 Small Pups". Getting the dog to trust the groomer will make his/her experience much more enjoyable and will also make the groomer a happy camper.

Groomer's Assistant

A groomer's assistant does not have to have the experience of using clippers and or scissoring, however he/she does need to have experience of bathing and blow-drying a dog. Groomer's assistant responsibilities are to bath, rinse and blow-dry a dog, keep the bathing area clean at all times including tubs and flooring, keep the shampoo and other product containers filled at all times, washing, drying and folding towels placing them is the proper containers. He/She will also need to assist the groomer as needed.

Download Employment Application

Please provide resume with application

Requirements For Employment:

* High School Diploma or Equivalence

* Tetanus Shot

* Background Check

* Drug Test