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Flynn The Bichon Frise Wins Best Westminster 2018 Dog Show
Win Like Flynn the Bichon

Rosa's Bichons

Raised With Lots of (TLC) Tender Love & Care!


Due To An Overwhelming Response For Our Puppies We Are Not Accepting Anymore Applications Or Deposits Until  January 2021.

Rosa's Breeding Service

***Secure Yours Today***


Phone: 773 759-0096

The Amazing Joy of Having A Breeding Service, Is That Our Breeding Service Brings Amazing Joy To Someone Else's Life.

Visit the (Breeding Service) page for more information on our breeding service and the adoption procedure.

If You Need To Contact Us For Any Reason Before Submitting The Paperwork Our Email And Phone Number Is Listed Above.

Instructions To Follow to Adopt Our Precious Lil Fur Babies.

To get on the waiting-list to adopt a puppy you must fill out the Waiting-List, Questionnaire and Adoption Agreement, all three must be submitted.

Once we have received and reviewed your paperwork you will be contacted shortly thereafter with our approval or disapproval to adopt one of our fur babies and with further instructions on how to secure you a fur a baby. Sorry, but All Online paperwork must be submitted or you Will NOT be contacted.

Because our Breeding Service is in our home,  all online paperwork must  be submitted before visitation is allowed. 

Please DO NOT make a deposit until you have been contacted; once you have been contacted a 20% deposit of the adoption fee is required to secure you a puppy. 

If you live out-of-town and unable to visit not a problem, visit the (Choose Your New Puppy) page and choose a puppy from there. If there are no puppies available for adoption on the (Choose Your New Puppy) page, rest assure when making a deposit you will have secured a puppy from an upcoming litter.

Click on the links below for Adoption fees: Shop "Doggy Boutique" then click on (Adoption Fees & Deposits). 

The first set of Vaccines & Deworming are included in the adoption fee as well as the "AKC" certificate, Home Again "Microchip" and registration fees.

Contact Us!
Thank you for contacting "Bichon Puppy Love", we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Fun 4 Small Pups, LLC

Bichon Puppy Love
"Where Bichons Are #1"
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are in compliance with the CDC (Center For Disease Control) and are practicing social distancing. During this time all clients and perspective clients will be contact by phone, email or messaging.  We are not offering any visitation until further notice.

We are taking every precaution to make sure that our family and staff are safe. We are still open for daycare, boarding and grooming with curbside/driveway service for drop-off and pick-up only. No one will be allowed to enter the premises except for family and staff. Grooming is limited to three days a week: Tuesday - Thursday from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. During this time we will only accept 3 pets for grooming each grooming day.

All pets must be up-to-date with vaccines and meet all requirements before any services are rendered including grooming. Visit our Facility Requirements page for more information.

All product orders will be processed in the order that they are received and will be shipped 1-2 business days thereafter. For quicker service all orders are shipped (Priority Mail) through the USPS or UPS.

Thank you,
God bless, be safe and stay healthy
Fun 4 Small Pups Is Family Owned And
We Breed Our Dogs With H.E.A.R.T.
Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility And Tradition
Bred With Heart Eduacation Accountabilty Responsibilty Tradition
Hi, My Name Is Rosa And I'm The Proud Owner, Founder And Breeder Of Bichon Puppy Love. As A Bichon Breeder I'm Dedicated To Breeding And Raising Well Nourished, Healthy, Active, Mild Tempered, Playful And Well Socialized Puppies And Dogs. All Dogs And Litters Are (AKC) Registered And Puppies Are (AKC) Registerable. 

 I Offer My Puppies & Adult Dogs For Adoption To Individuals For Companions & Families Who Are Looking For A Cheerful Pet. I've Been Breeding For Several Years And Have Served Hundreds of Families In Illinois, Wisconsin, The Quad Cities And Across The United States.

Bichons Are Hypoallergenic, Mild Tempered And They Will Make Great Companions For People With Allergies And Families With  Children. The Bichon Frise Is A Loyal and Loving Breed With High Energy And Plays Very Well With Children And Other Animals.

To Get On The Waiting-List And To Adopt One Of The Puppies 
All (3) Online Forms Must Be Completed And Submitted For A Review;
The Waiting-List, Questionnaire and Adoption Agreement. 
If All 3 Forms Are Not Submitted You Will Not Be Contacted!
A 20% Deposit Is required To Secure A Puppy

Please Follow The Instructions On This Page To The Left.
If you need to contact us before filling out the paperwork please
use the contact form to the left of the page or send us an email.
Thank You And Looking Forward To Serving You!

***Adopt A Bichon Frise Puppy Or Dog Today***
*No Hair Shedding* Hypoallergenic Companions!
Lovable, Healthy, Active, Friendly & Intelligent Dogs!
The Bichon Frise is one of the most highly recommended pets
for people with allergies and families with small children!
*Having A Bichon Love You.....Means You'll Be Loved Forever*
Bichon Puppy Love (Where Bichons Are #1)
Beautiful Bichon male puppy
Credit card decals
Bichon male puppy posing
FREE shipping on product order of $50.00 or more before taxes.
Excludes "New Puppy Kits, Pillows & Puppy Snuggles"
*PayPal (Bill-Me-Later) 6 months interest free with purchases of $99-up
For more information click the PayPal link above
Bichons, Dexter & Reggie Sy
Delina and 4 puppies

Health Insurance Is Available

Feed Your Pet The Best

"Life's Abundance" For all Breeds And Sizes

Bichon at 8 weeks old
Five Bichon puppies
Delina's loking at me

We Register All Our Puppies & Dogs With (AKC)

Our Dogs Are Tested Starting At 2 Years Old By OFFA For Their Hips and Knees and CERF For Their Eyes

Martini the bichon
Bichons puppies ready
Delilah and puppies

We Microchip All Puppies & Dogs Of All Breeds

Our Vet Crew Has Love And Compassion For All Pets

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